SMG4: Mario Scratches His Ass

29. Kol 2020.
1 708 261 Pregleda

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After a long arc & saving the universe, Mario goes home to enjoy himself.
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    SMG4SMG4Prije 3 mjeseci
    • New arcs coming soon

      Nghia tranNghia tranPrije 19 dana
    • If Mario was in Roblox

      Jolie EzekielJolie EzekielPrije mjesec
    • I 💗❤️ your Channel of smg4

      Reddit FablesReddit FablesPrije mjesec
    • Konnichi wa

      William CreeWilliam CreePrije mjesec
    • Awesome

      Alan CalvilloAlan CalvilloPrije mjesec
  • at the start of mario scratching is a** and kept goin places to scratch his butt and i kept laughing

    A Roblox ChannelA Roblox ChannelPrije 12 sati
  • Why such a serious video

    Matthew ThomasMatthew ThomasPrije dan
  • Me:sees the title Me again: SMG4 IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS

    Trey NesbittTrey NesbittPrije dan
  • Poor toad at 2:50

    Jake The Gacha FoxJake The Gacha FoxPrije 2 dana
  • 2:00 what is this music pls sey

    Bartek WuBartek WuPrije 2 dana
  • 2:48 Toad walks in sees SMG4 and SMG3 making love 2:55 walks away trying to forget he saw what happened

    MrJadadcMrJadadcPrije 2 dana
  • Who is responsible for that video!? 🤣😳🤮

    Madison HawkMadison HawkPrije 2 dana
  • This is doctor strange in a nutshell

    Marcus BalaMarcus BalaPrije 3 dana
  • 0:36

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 3 dana
  • 1:21

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 3 dana
  • 5:17 Does anybody notice that the music is remix 4 from rhythm heaven fever

    Wubadubadub Is that true?Wubadubadub Is that true?Prije 4 dana
  • mario: SCRATCH MY BUTT NOW Luigi: WHAT

    Noah PlayzNoah PlayzPrije 4 dana
  • 1:23

    Mia ChenMia ChenPrije 4 dana

    bastian 0929bastian 0929Prije 4 dana
  • 2:54

    I love this channelI love this channelPrije 4 dana
  • Brought monies

    iiDxmon BRUHiiDxmon BRUHPrije 4 dana

    nastya LASnastya LASPrije 5 dana
  • 2:23 toads life be ruind

    Nate EdwardsNate EdwardsPrije 5 dana
  • Boi: take 14 days meh: uber also meh: likes the butt sybol

    Nate EdwardsNate EdwardsPrije 5 dana
  • Big the cat 4:22

    withered hyper Rafunic3C thhgwithered hyper Rafunic3C thhgPrije 5 dana
  • 2:52 my childhood is ruined lmao

    Blaze DanoBlaze DanoPrije 5 dana
  • This was my fav part 2:33

    FIRE_wall238TrippFIRE_wall238TrippPrije 6 dana
  • He should had backwards long jump

    pcy enthusiastpcy enthusiastPrije 7 dana
  • Skibidi bop mm dada 3:19

    Oof Punch ManOof Punch ManPrije 7 dana
  • I hope that they make a show for meggy

    Aidan ManzanoAidan ManzanoPrije 7 dana
  • Did I just see Daruk on there?!

    Carter's WorldCarter's WorldPrije 7 dana
  • Peter Griffin be like: Butt scratcher!

    Smart BoiSmart BoiPrije 8 dana
  • I never knew that they have to go into the extremes just of something so retarded

    Old ManOld ManPrije 8 dana
  • R It

    Jennifer AquinoJennifer AquinoPrije 8 dana
  • LOL, wtf is this???!!!!

    Bandito DoritoBandito DoritoPrije 8 dana
  • 2:55 be like

    SuperPlaysSuperPlaysPrije 8 dana
  • 2:46 lol

    SuperPlaysSuperPlaysPrije 8 dana
  • 2:15 I think that gnome enjoyed that

    jevion jeanjevion jeanPrije 9 dana
  • Get ready to move your pingus

    Alfredo EspinosaAlfredo EspinosaPrije 9 dana
  • how is this a video what

    Mr BannanaMr BannanaPrije 10 dana
  • This is soo funny!!

    Emma RodriguezEmma RodriguezPrije 10 dana
  • I think Mario has got worms 👀

    S0fty Dem0nS0fty Dem0nPrije 10 dana
  • "Mario Gets a glass of milk!" "Mario scratches his ass!" Whats next? Mario blinks? Mario breaths?

    IekeDoetRaar 2020IekeDoetRaar 2020Prije 10 dana
  • soooo gay morio x Luigi

    ffionn foxffionn foxPrije 11 dana
  • Woolooloo

    jia liujia liuPrije 11 dana
  • That poor gnome

    Idk JoemammaIdk JoemammaPrije 11 dana
  • Why does meggy just slap more ink or her or use his but against a octolings ink form lol

    Gianna BlamerGianna BlamerPrije 11 dana
  • I didn't expected an episode so deep from a title like that

    PoweratePoweratePrije 12 dana
  • Mario try Scratch his Ass How?: just get on lava after he dies

  • Luigi at 2:34 :WTF

    toy bonnietoy bonniePrije 12 dana
  • omg i got an add of sprite cranberry

    melissa valenzuelamelissa valenzuelaPrije 12 dana
  • mario sci

    Shamiese ParksShamiese ParksPrije 12 dana
  • This man can make a vid about mario shitting and i will find it funny because it mario

    Broken Taco shellBroken Taco shellPrije 13 dana
  • Me: yeaaa 1:47

    Jalisa ThurmanJalisa ThurmanPrije 13 dana
  • This is so relatable but just put water on the cotton from the ear cleaning thing and move it around the asshole slowly over and over and it won’t itch

    randomshift max the catrandomshift max the catPrije 13 dana
  • Make let's runner in a nuttshell called mEgA ruNnI Ing

    Aarakshan 22Aarakshan 22Prije 14 dana
  • This is the stupidest Yet funniest thing I've ever seen 🤣🤣🤣

    red sus035red sus035Prije 14 dana
  • This explains how can mario destroy walls, get faster than the speed of light, all with his 455 (4 = A, 5 = S)

    BrazilgugaOfficialYTBrazilgugaOfficialYTPrije 14 dana
  • 5:16 Soy yo o veo a Roxas :v It's me or I see Roxas :v

    V. DevV. DevPrije 14 dana
  • 2018: mario and the t-pose virus and the mario carnival (the classics) 2020: *mario scratches his ass* *the corn trip*

    Ryan CastelloRyan CastelloPrije 14 dana
  • 3:59 Linux Fedora VS Linux Gentoo

    confeti youtube 2confeti youtube 2Prije 14 dana
  • 2:02 how to twerk and you teacher is....MERIO seriously what did you expect?

    SCP5007DE -SCP5007DE -Prije 14 dana
  • Meme:use lava Mario and bob:we did it Meme:hahahahaha Mario and bob:dead and ass

    A. Gibran AzzamyA. Gibran AzzamyPrije 14 dana
  • ...

    Pinoystarz808Pinoystarz808Prije 15 dana
  • 2:12 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FERNANDITO :¨¨C PORQUEEEEEEEEEE ERA TAN JOVEN FERNANDITO :¨¨C ojala que no haga eso con gasolini o bombini :C

    patricia puertaspatricia puertasPrije 15 dana
  • How did this get 1.6 mill views it’s a video about Mario scratching his but

    ChillerChillerPrije 16 dana
  • Ass Scratchers: Chronicles Of Ass

    bloxer slothbloxer slothPrije 16 dana
  • 3:06 need music now Plz?

    Ethan StoergerEthan StoergerPrije 16 dana
  • this is a visual representation of my life

    Leif MjelveLeif MjelvePrije 16 dana

    Jonathan SchauerJonathan SchauerPrije 16 dana
  • I I'M A.S.S

    Jonathan SchauerJonathan SchauerPrije 16 dana
  • The final boss was scratching his ass.

    Two people accTwo people accPrije 17 dana
  • 13:12 Mario & Bob Is Under A Lava 😂

    Tun NizarTun NizarPrije 17 dana
  • I love Mario screaming

    Fabio HarlesFabio HarlesPrije 17 dana
  • First the pingas now the ass lol

    Gorosaurus 1968Gorosaurus 1968Prije 17 dana
  • Meggy: *inkling* SMG4: your rival died so now you're a human. Meggy: woomy? SMG4: an evil version of me shot you so now you have a voice Meggy: ... *_Y E A H T H A T M A K E S S E N S E_*

    TheAnnoyinglyInfuriatingObbyTheAnnoyinglyInfuriatingObbyPrije 17 dana
  • what

    Matthew'sTrashVideosMatthew'sTrashVideosPrije 17 dana
  • if marios ass is ichy he can go on a slide and it will be unitchable

    deividas jurginasdeividas jurginasPrije 18 dana
  • This is funny

    Jennie FurJennie FurPrije 18 dana
  • I heard a lot of tf2 I heard spy saying SEDUCE ME I heard also Demoman's gibberish

    OKGracz24OKGracz24Prije 18 dana
  • E

    Cindy PrimusCindy PrimusPrije 18 dana
  • TOAD

    Jahneil MJahneil MPrije 18 dana
  • Smg4's running out of ideas....

    Connie BowlesConnie BowlesPrije 19 dana
  • 2:02 iam the only one that feel like Mario f*ck with wall

    kevin simarekevin simarePrije 19 dana
  • 2:54 “I will be back...” 8:45 I’m going to piss myself soon 😂

    Charles JasperCharles JasperPrije 19 dana
  • Nice, now SMG4 is married and has descendants, also friends and the guy that doesn't know who is (Hideo Kojima). Everyone is changing so fast... Except me. I'm still fat, ugly, lonely and without a Girlfriend, just as I've been all my life... (I'm kidding, I'm quite happy with myself.)

  • mario should do a backwards long jump up some stairs that should do it

    bruh momentsbruh momentsPrije 19 dana
  • I think a mosquito's bit Mario's ass then its ichy

    glitching robloxglitching robloxPrije 19 dana
  • Yo get bob in smash rn

    Logan StewartLogan StewartPrije 19 dana
  • 10:20 : Top 10 Anime Fights

    FovxzzzYTFovxzzzYTPrije 20 dana
  • Peak content

    Green_Mario_8Green_Mario_8Prije 20 dana
  • 2:04 *peach walks in* 0_0

  • The as scratcher legend

    Crenzs ?Crenzs ?Prije 20 dana
  • 2:51

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 20 dana
    • 0:34

      ian lucaian lucaPrije 7 dana
  • 0:36

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 20 dana
  • 0:34

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 20 dana
  • Dame De Ne [Baka Matai] 12:03

    Among Us [Mario]Among Us [Mario]Prije 20 dana
  • Fake family

    Reese MartinReese MartinPrije 20 dana
  • Omg this one is to funny

    Kimberly ChandraKimberly ChandraPrije 21 dan
  • we can all agree that danny devito is hot

    ouzwieHDouzwieHDPrije 21 dan
  • 11:03 we have bob as sans the skeleton

    TemmieTemmiePrije 21 dan
  • 11:14 hhahahahaha

    Ova y el peluche :vOva y el peluche :vPrije 21 dan
  • That's kinda sus

    Fatal error sans beside full power himFatal error sans beside full power himPrije 21 dan
  • Its like the saem thing to me but my pignas

    • Francis •• Francis •Prije 21 dan