SMG4: Mario Runs Out Of Toilet Paper

21. Ožu 2020.
2 729 610 Pregleda

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Mario just wants to use the toilet :(
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  • @cerburus, yes it defenetaly does.

    Epic Gamer Rulz SmithEpic Gamer Rulz SmithPrije 10 sati
  • Awesome Video

    zhian Pengzhian PengPrije 14 sati
  • 12:23 secret CC

    Benjamin BakshiBenjamin BakshiPrije 16 sati
  • Wait does that mean the world will en-.......

    ChangerdangerChangerdangerPrije dan
  • Why french ? Caus i'm french UwU

    {•NEKO LIFE STUDIO•} 360{•NEKO LIFE STUDIO•} 360Prije dan
  • tru

    thao daothao daoPrije dan
  • F mr monitor

    Marleny SuarezMarleny SuarezPrije dan
  • I know why they need toilet paper Because at the Judgement day they need to poop

    Speedy Blue CarSpeedy Blue CarPrije dan
  • mario is a coco crazy

    kuria njengakuria njengaPrije dan
  • Este fue él ultimo video traducido :'''v

    ElecTruxZ The WolfElecTruxZ The WolfPrije 2 dana
  • Basically 2020

    Hysni GjinollariHysni GjinollariPrije 2 dana
  • Alguien se acuerda de los subtítulos en español :,v los extraño

    tortilla112 -roleplaytortilla112 -roleplayPrije 3 dana
  • It was that period of time where everyone went braindead. Seriously, how was TP gonna help with the virus?

    Laurence SneeLaurence SneePrije 3 dana
  • colonel: kfc bucket wendy: hamburger shuriken ronald mcdonald: *an entire freaking mcdonalds post*

    monky childmonky childPrije 4 dana
  • 11:48 anyone else or is it just me where I know this sound? 😳😳

    Ricardo RuizRicardo RuizPrije 4 dana
  • 12:52 when you eat beans or taco bell

    SunSetterSunSetterPrije 4 dana
  • me wondering why do you need toilet paper when you can just was your butt with water

    ᴅɪᴛsᴜᴅɪᴛsᴜPrije 5 dana
  • Why dose papajon need Mario

    Yafet GiddyYafet GiddyPrije 6 dana
  • Diganme que no soy el único que se pregunta por qué no siguieron con el doblaje al español

    Ingrid García moralesIngrid García moralesPrije 6 dana
  • SMG4: Kids gonna die tonight! Me: Satan's gonna die tonight!

    Kyan HerringtonKyan HerringtonPrije 6 dana
  • 7:16 XD it didn't work before

    Tymon CzmudaTymon CzmudaPrije 6 dana
  • 12:48 Yeah boi

    mavic ingcomavic ingcoPrije 6 dana
  • Papa John-No,The world needs to be cleaned. Mario-Why?Bc race or something? Papa John-No I just wanna murder everyone👌👍😎

    Eriani CastilloEriani CastilloPrije 7 dana
  • The part where toad said help me but said spaghetti tho😂-

    Eriani CastilloEriani CastilloPrije 7 dana
  • dad i cant find toliet paper🥼🎀

    Kayla BarcoKayla BarcoPrije 7 dana
  • Oh, that reminds me, one time I and my family ate Papa John's Pizza and me, mom and my sister liked but my dad got sick from the Pizza

    Alexandros MavrogenisAlexandros MavrogenisPrije 8 dana
  • 12:48

    3MageSistersLover8083MageSistersLover808Prije 9 dana
  • 5:02 Why not food...or water ...

  • >:o

    Danny ZikryDanny ZikryPrije 9 dana
  • KFC is better than all of them

    • Pixbee •• Pixbee •Prije 10 dana
  • is that music from homesick I hear?

    Dragofire202Dragofire202Prije 10 dana
  • Switch produtions Sgb4*boi such a*

    José Wilton PereiraJosé Wilton PereiraPrije 11 dana

    bastian 0929bastian 0929Prije 11 dana
  • Neon Genesis Eva"s intro op is sung around the early 2 minutes.

    MangaLover AnixMangaLover AnixPrije 12 dana
  • Ultimate twist Mario was the end of the world

    Spartan of WarSpartan of WarPrije 12 dana
  • I love your videos!

    Mya ThompsonMya ThompsonPrije 12 dana

    ไพน์ พอร์ชไพน์ พอร์ชPrije 13 dana

    H SH SPrije 13 dana
  • i watch smg4 but im 8 years old and like watching it its fun even mario maker 1

    Mason RobinsonMason RobinsonPrije 13 dana
  • Holy crap i love it

    Balwinder BainsBalwinder BainsPrije 13 dana

    JJ7 7JJ7 7Prije 14 dana
  • What the name of this music 8:34.

    Dante PapucciDante PapucciPrije 14 dana
  • Pueden intentar hacer un video en español? Y normal? :D

    Eduardo farid Morales RodríguezEduardo farid Morales RodríguezPrije 14 dana
    • Lla los videos no tendran suptitulos en español :'v

      monokuma Uwumonokuma UwuPrije 10 dana
  • Que bueno que subtitulan los vídeos son mis ídolos :D

    Eduardo farid Morales RodríguezEduardo farid Morales RodríguezPrije 14 dana
  • Francis: I'm the most evil SMG4 character SMG3: No i am! Waluigi: No i am! ???: Amateurs! Francis, SMG3 and Waluigi: Who? Papa John: Amateurs!

    LemonFace numbyLemonFace numbyPrije 14 dana
  • instead of papa john ruining the world, mario destroyed the world with his big shet heres start 1:18

    ꧁ Ixxito ꧂ lavender꧁ Ixxito ꧂ lavenderPrije 15 dana

    lamar azzamlamar azzamPrije 15 dana
  • nani

    Sebastian TupinoSebastian TupinoPrije 16 dana
  • I hated how Meggy, Saiko and Axol were shoehorned into the endimg for no reason. Is Luke drunk?

    Turbobist 28Turbobist 28Prije 16 dana
  • captions: uisce bad irish captions

    rizky ramadhanyrizky ramadhanyPrije 16 dana
  • the chaos of a covid 19

    Brayden Luk Tin HoBrayden Luk Tin HoPrije 17 dana
  • I just relized some ironicle the des ex twin tower coincides happened but with postal 2 paradise lost with the guy that keeps hiking toilet paper

    john-michael Donehoojohn-michael DonehooPrije 17 dana
  • You could just get paper towels.....

    missingindymissingindyPrije 17 dana
  • 6:33 mario says Tokio drift like in mad mario

    Joaquin Videla BucciJoaquin Videla BucciPrije 17 dana
  • this is literly what happend at the beggening of COVID-19

    Asher ColeAsher ColePrije 17 dana
  • I know this body it was in castlevania 2

    naing naing ngwenaing naing ngwePrije 18 dana
  • *plays destruction city and destroys mario city*

    Mohd Shukur Zainol AbidinMohd Shukur Zainol AbidinPrije 19 dana
  • mario should try the squat toilet

    Abilyo Febryan ralisAbilyo Febryan ralisPrije 19 dana
  • wendy's:*ANIME* me and mario:ANIMEEE THOTTTT!!!!!

    ChillGuyChillGuyPrije 19 dana
  • OH NO

    Laurie DavisLaurie DavisPrije 20 dana
  • Satan was slain by The Mario Family

    Eniitan AdepojuEniitan AdepojuPrije 21 dan
  • Coronavirus panic

    How about NoHow about NoPrije 22 dana
  • For once Mario is logical 5:04

    Atomiccat vlogsAtomiccat vlogsPrije 22 dana
  • there is no toilet paper there is this Agui is apocalypse

    yoshus Torresyoshus TorresPrije 22 dana
  • Mario:find toilet paper Every toilet that he pass:are you disabled

    Apitorn ThurdsuwanApitorn ThurdsuwanPrije 22 dana
  • Hey look toilet paper!

    Killer AndroidKiller AndroidPrije 22 dana
  • Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4Smg4 This is how many times I have said it I V

    IAmBastianBIAmBastianBPrije 23 dana
  • Hey look everybody there is corona virus in mario town too!!!

    Naruto boy UwU 777Naruto boy UwU 777Prije 25 dana
  • Lesson of the day: never trust pizza

    The Blue PresentThe Blue PresentPrije 25 dana
  • Cant you do mario in world of tanks

    Gutte & Kire prudoctionsGutte & Kire prudoctionsPrije 26 dana
  • Mario runs out of toilet paper and you run out of ideas

    sellout contentsellout contentPrije 26 dana
  • This defines the beginning of COVID-19 perfectly...

    X VendevionX VendevionPrije 26 dana
  • The 4 hormens of the apocalypse Macdonald, KFC, Wendy, burger king

    Oscar DixonOscar DixonPrije 26 dana
  • 2:15

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 26 dana
  • 2:13

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 26 dana
  • 1:29

    ian lucaian lucaPrije 26 dana
  • Rockwell

    Juan AguirreJuan AguirrePrije 26 dana
  • nobodoy rlly nobody me:evangelion moment 2:05

    megustalapizzaXDmegustalapizzaXDPrije 26 dana
  • Soy el comentario español que buscabas por si las moscas :V

    Gameover 450Gameover 450Prije 27 dana
  • I almost peed in my pants when mario pooped and destroy the world

    Joseph NamJoseph NamPrije 27 dana
  • France ?

    dark masterdark masterPrije 27 dana
  • 7:36 I was honestly hoping it was going to be "The Great Poo" from Conker's Bad Fur Day. XD

    Luigi 7777Luigi 7777Prije 27 dana
  • nadie: absolutamente nadie: gente en cuarentena

    Mariana Bustos MurilloMariana Bustos MurilloPrije 27 dana
  • Why does every smg4 video make me laugh so hard😂

    MarioMarioPrije 28 dana
  • Chale los vídeos ahora ya no tienen subtitulos en español

    Ximena TrejoXimena TrejoPrije 28 dana
    • F

      Ricardo JosephRicardo JosephPrije 14 dana
  • Well mario just done what satan was supposed to do

    Ova y el peluche :vOva y el peluche :vPrije 28 dana
  • 12:51

    ZT Daniel / Mario & MeggyZT Daniel / Mario & MeggyPrije 29 dana
  • Me after a campout: 12:47

    lemonyship96lemonyship96Prije 29 dana
  • Start of video 1:09

    lemonyship96lemonyship96Prije 29 dana
  • I heard the trumpet then started singing the full neon genesis evangelion song 😂

    Dogie’s ComradeDogie’s ComradePrije 29 dana
  • this is proof that mario is stronger than saiko etc

    elijah abellaelijah abellaPrije 29 dana
  • World of tanks is "historically accurate"

    Jacob CooperJacob CooperPrije 29 dana
  • Dude if Mario wants to say wants to go to need to go to the Poupee🤣

    Ayyad Ansharafart aAyyad Ansharafart aPrije 29 dana
  • wait, did I just hear Wendy having Kirby sounds..?

    Gadgetaro ProductionsGadgetaro ProductionsPrije mjesec
  • vadafaq

    Мереке КажиповМереке КажиповPrije mjesec
  • 2:04 The music, I will give u a hint in some episodes, other people drowned in blood You know it? Leave a like on this comment and on the video

    JorgeAllen FernandezJorgeAllen FernandezPrije mjesec
  • smg4 : Mario geta Job KFC

    Rildo Soto PonceRildo Soto PoncePrije mjesec
  • 1:33

    ian lucaian lucaPrije mjesec
  • Its like the hardest level at Mario.,.

    Truls HeggelundTruls HeggelundPrije mjesec
  • When you loose toilet paper, use the cure CURE IS THE BEST- OH DONT SKIP THIS AD YOU LIITLE [skip ad]

    NiceSpicyRobloxNiceSpicyRobloxPrije mjesec