Why I Dropped Out Of School... TWICE

12. Pro 2019.
1 055 235 Pregleda

School is scary
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  • What did you guys think of the vid? :D I really enjoyed it and wanna know if you guys want to see more. ALSO CHECKOUT MAH MERCH PLS ► www.glitchproductions.store

    SMG4SMG4Prije 11 mjeseci
    • if you see this pls read thx a lot man i want to do any job that let's me not go to collage

      One piece loverOne piece loverPrije 17 dana
    • Hi

      bendy the ink masterbendy the ink masterPrije 24 dana
    • Frankly you want my SMG4 opinion .... I was almost crying so much that it touched me that you reminded me how much I love technology and that I absolutely want to make it my job so thank you to you , to the Glitch Productions team and to everyone who participates in your videos because they make me laugh even when I feel bad and I hope that once we have made our way to the goal end of our two paths that we could meet and frankly you have my total respect and thank you for all these good times 😊... PS : I am French

      Le Chat Au Boeuf BourguignonLe Chat Au Boeuf BourguignonPrije 24 dana
    • Your Drawing Looks Like A Kid

      Harry SpartanHarry SpartanPrije 26 dana
    • Mr smg4

      bendy the ink masterbendy the ink masterPrije mjesec
  • I am the only one who. Likes so much that I want to do school on the weekends

    sonic loverfansonic loverfanPrije 7 sati
  • Vc fala portugues

    SMG1SMG1Prije 2 dana
  • No M A T H 0:57

    Morrison MemesMorrison MemesPrije 3 dana
  • But I am the real smg4

    Yoshi BeanYoshi BeanPrije 3 dana
  • 0:11 for Channel Profile Picture.

    FrozenRenegadeFrozenRenegadePrije 4 dana
  • Luke just gives me such a chill vibe he is such an inspiring role model and honestly I look up to him Smg4 is the best

    Promenz007Promenz007Prije 5 dana
  • Hey, can someone tell me the name of the song that’s uses at the end?

    grim reapergrim reaperPrije 6 dana
  • I also Feel like a dumb ass to 😂

    Luis LeonLuis LeonPrije 6 dana
  • Oh u got a nickname too? Mine is paul, look at my name to know why.

    Logan StewartLogan StewartPrije 8 dana
  • Wait spell break was in meta runner when it wasn’t out yet and it just came

    Littlenightmaresfan 6Littlenightmaresfan 6Prije 10 dana
  • Smg4 please make a video we’re it is if Mario was in little nightmares plus you get to play a horror game

    Littlenightmaresfan 6Littlenightmaresfan 6Prije 10 dana

    Evangelinemation studioEvangelinemation studioPrije 10 dana
  • Everyone schedule during school 4:35 Everyone schedule during summer break 4:41

    prime 64prime 64Prije 12 dana
  • more vidiosâ pls man

    Gratian VoivodGratian VoivodPrije 12 dana

    Antoni DolatAntoni DolatPrije 15 dana
  • Luke: study and learn what you like Arabic school and university system:EVERY SINGLE CLASS YOU HAVE TO LEARN, AND ALSO YOU ARE FORCED TO DO A SPECIFIC JOB AND CANT CHOOSE, WHY DO THE PEOPLE HATE US

    Zaid ImageZaid ImagePrije 17 dana
  • i know that movie .

    Duke VillanuevaDuke VillanuevaPrije 17 dana
  • I remember a disclaimer one day years ago when Luke said "I have exams so there won't be any videos for a bit" or something like that.

    Callum HuddartCallum HuddartPrije 17 dana
  • Basketball x beachball is best ship lol

    Zachary VogelZachary VogelPrije 18 dana
  • Okay honestly, the part of everyone turning into buttholes at 3:10 is one reason why I had to instead take an online class prior to the pandemic, that and the D4M FIREDRILLS. I think it was also recommended to my parents, but I don't remember, might've also been the day I've turn into an introvert. I think I have considered going gain at one point and still am if I attend a community college best suited for me, once I graduate in about 3 months...

    Derpy SpongeDerpy SpongePrije 19 dana
  • Wtf o cara e br mas fala inglês q poha essa

    PedroBlastiPedroBlastiPrije 21 dan
  • smg4: "...Meta runner!" subtitles: *m* *a* *r* *i* *j* *u* *a* *n* *a*

    Dreemurr64Dreemurr64Prije 23 dana
  • 2:37 2:44

    AA BatteriesAA BatteriesPrije 28 dana
  • And ooooooooooooooooooo holy shit

    Lol LolLol LolPrije 28 dana
  • “You are 99% positive” Please don’t say that in 2020.

    Pietro Il GrandePietro Il GrandePrije 28 dana
  • I have school still. I can’t edit videos... if you watch a single video I made you will see what I mean... ok done with self promotion! Go watch memes or something

    Jayce The treeJayce The treePrije 29 dana
  • I like eating glue... I eat glue a lot! I’m not joking.....

    Jayce The treeJayce The treePrije 29 dana
  • I dont get why americans have middle school "australian btw"

    Skyz00kSkyz00kPrije mjesec
  • 1:20 The school I go to has the "Primary" and the "Secondary" system

    Alexandros MavrogenisAlexandros MavrogenisPrije mjesec
  • In in Australia to

    Hugh HarrisHugh HarrisPrije mjesec
  • mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa rrrrrriiiiii iiii oooooo

    el ayel ayPrije mjesec
  • Luke: That would eventually become Meta Runner Subtitles: That would eventually become *m a r i j u a n a*

    Owen GeorgeOwen GeorgePrije mjesec
  • Wots the soundtrack at 1:40??

    MintyMintyPrije mjesec
  • I want to leave the school too :D

    Mr PoopMr PoopPrije mjesec
  • I’m in year 7 and from 3 to 6 I haven’t missed a day, and haven’t missed a day since today

    Waffle FudgeWaffle FudgePrije mjesec
  • 3:01 Shrommy?

    Jota128Jota128Prije mjesec
  • SMG4: Meta Runner HRex Subtitles: Marijuana

    PaperJacobPaperJacobPrije mjesec
  • Does this reminds anyone else of TheOdd1sOut, or is it just me?

    D'shawn CherryD'shawn CherryPrije mjesec
    • Yep it has a little similar Style

      Michel K.Michel K.Prije 11 dana
  • 11:11

    greg mitchellgreg mitchellPrije mjesec
  • High school Smg4 is me now

    The_meme_gamer 21The_meme_gamer 21Prije mjesec
  • school: [gives smg4 a prize for perfect attendance] smg4: [only comes everyday to see his crush]

    Angelina Byurl KimAngelina Byurl KimPrije mjesec
  • This is the first time he mentioned his mom

    Uefjsk KdidUefjsk KdidPrije mjesec
  • 5:16 noooooo

    Kemdi IwuKemdi IwuPrije mjesec
  • “I don’t know why people generally liked me.” Bro, who wouldn’t like you? You’re awesome :D

    Dean0 Rocks316Dean0 Rocks316Prije mjesec
  • Thas so true u show a stick in a kindergarten u get girls

    Joshua CastilloJoshua CastilloPrije mjesec
  • 6:09 M A R I H U A N A our original animated series :0

    Angel SanabriaAngel SanabriaPrije mjesec

    Crystal_bloxiansCrystal_bloxiansPrije mjesec
  • Smg4 is so tough he drew a pinas on the white board 😂

    Panda 360 AnimationPanda 360 AnimationPrije mjesec
  • I am in weenie hut jr XD

    ray kokoskaray kokoskaPrije mjesec
  • lol

  • Wait, your an azzuie boi?

    MasamationsMasamationsPrije mjesec
  • 4GMS

    Pointer PlayzPointer PlayzPrije mjesec
  • Kevin : meta runner HRex : marijuana Me : ...

    Winterskeleton276Winterskeleton276Prije mjesec
  • Outro/Conclusion Music?

    Spencer BriggsSpencer BriggsPrije mjesec
  • I started watching SMG4 in elementary school in 2017. I will never forget that experience and SMG4 is STILL my favorite channel

    TNA9TNA9Prije mjesec
  • Its not meme lord anymore... ITS MEME GOD.

    M1CH43LM1CH43LPrije mjesec
  • kevin: do you wanna build a sno- i mean do you wanna animate as a career. luke:school sucks so... *Y E S*

    SHIFTYSHIFTYPrije mjesec
  • I dont like school I'm probably gonna drop out first chance I get

    Bananza BananaBananza BananaPrije mjesec
  • smg4 you back

    Phillup HernandezPhillup HernandezPrije mjesec
  • Me: That one kid that likes school for no reason

    Starry StudiosStarry StudiosPrije mjesec
  • Kevin is pretty much Luke’s father by now. That’s what makes it wholesome.

    BeanBeanPrije mjesec
  • Pizza time

    Nery MunizNery MunizPrije 2 mjeseci
  • As a 13 year old in 8th grade, I can agree with when will it end and homework gets multiplied by 6.

    TJ RozzelleTJ RozzellePrije 2 mjeseci
    • Also learning more about Italian via Mario is a lot more realistic than learning from school.

      TJ RozzelleTJ RozzellePrije 2 mjeseci
  • Why did meggy turn into a human

    Parker The Garage Door GuyParker The Garage Door GuyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Wait...the story seems similar to my school life somehow...

    FluxfyFluxfyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Being from south wales I never even new there was a new south wales

    little mac gaming2549little mac gaming2549Prije 2 mjeseci
  • same.

    Dio takes the LDio takes the LPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Hey I know this might be an old viedo, but I just want to say that if I would have not seen your videos, I don't think I would have not thought of animating and we will always support you with your future animations or animation series. Thank you for all the good and bad moments on this channel and hope that this will not end soon, you are the reason why some people has started making animations, because the inspiration you have given to them. This is my message, peace out.

    FFM5 OFM5FFM5 OFM5Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Wait you have friends with theoods1out and jaiden animation and who this guy wowowowow

    Lazuri MohammedLazuri MohammedPrije 2 mjeseci
    • The 3rd Guy is TheAmaazing

      Michel K.Michel K.Prije 11 dana
    • He's Friends with TheOdd1sout. I'm Not Sure if Jaiden even knows Luke/SMG4

      Michel K.Michel K.Prije 11 dana
  • you sound like lazerbeam

    MaxsvideosMaxsvideosPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Thank you SMG4 for inspiring me to drop out when I get to college.

    Corona MelonCorona MelonPrije 2 mjeseci
  • school school school school school memes memes school school school school school memes memes school school school school school memes memes school school school school school memes memes school school school school school memes memes

    TheEpicMango 225TheEpicMango 225Prije 2 mjeseci

    AMCGAMERAMCGAMERPrije 2 mjeseci
  • One of my cousins nicknamed me squidge

    Wolfie GamesWolfie GamesPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I love school a d learning.

    Dimitrije Cvijovic the alioramusDimitrije Cvijovic the alioramusPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I never missed a day of school either. I kinda study. I don’t really study cause sometimes I just don’t need it ;-; and yes I love Perfect Attendance Awards.

    GreenStuDIOsGreenStuDIOsPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Escape hell while u can

    NapstablookNapstablookPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Luke's last name is harder to pronounce than Susan WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW

    stsddsodstsddsodPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 0:59 yeaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiii

    Smg6 productionsSmg6 productionsPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Im I the one that seen the binding of Isaac monsters

    fier burnsfier burnsPrije 2 mjeseci
  • imagine uploading SMG4's characters to SFM to make absolute nightmare fuel creatures that will haunt your dreams indefinitely.

    Jacob HarasenJacob HarasenPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Nobody: Kevin: you have not done anything too stupid, good

    DylanraptorDylanraptorPrije 2 mjeseci
  • J-james? Jaiden? tf you doing here

    Blaze_HypeBlaze_HypePrije 2 mjeseci
  • got to back back to the past *SAMURIE JACK*

    Wellyeahbutactually MarioWellyeahbutactually MarioPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 00:20 how much money for it

    Flame_sharpshoot ._.Flame_sharpshoot ._.Prije 2 mjeseci
  • As an American, I can say Middle School is a pointless concept. It just separates 7th and 8th grade from 9th through 12th.

    POOTIS SandvichPOOTIS SandvichPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 3:20 No wonder your still single

    RacierMercuryRacierMercuryPrije 2 mjeseci
  • the captions thought meta runner was merujuana

    Meme CrewMeme CrewPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Untucked shirt. Socks down. Oh no, the PTSD

    Kram BallingerKram BallingerPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Its weird how people have a sucessful life dropping out of school but people who complete school get a job as a office worker working infront of their screen all day getting paid every friday

    ELECTRONELECTRONPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I dropped out over a year ago in 10th grade. God help me... I didn’t want to do sports I wanted to do writing and creating.

    Kitty NekoyamiKitty NekoyamiPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 1:24 it’s the same thing as Canadians to

    Aaron gamer 79Aaron gamer 79Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Guy from the matrix: do you want red pill or blue pill Luke/smg4: yes

    Cynthia den NijsCynthia den NijsPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 9.99% of the video:I stock photos 0.01% of the video: animation

    Dylan RiojasDylan RiojasPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I like these kind of videos

    Gonzalez J.Gonzalez J.Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Wait he was Australian? (Hi fellow Aussie)

    Benjmin ChanBenjmin ChanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • stock image go brr

    DinoLarisDinoLarisPrije 2 mjeseci
  • So the ultimate smash bros really was the weirdest in history

    Cadentube OharaCadentube OharaPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Kevin is a good big brother he learned Karate to protect Luke from the bullies Damn, Kevin is doing a great job as big brother :)

    Pablo HerreraPablo HerreraPrije 2 mjeseci