SMG4: World War Mario

1. Lip 2019.
10 821 528 Pregleda

Next week will be the grand finale of the anime arc.
If you are new here, we are in the middle of a story arc! Get up to date for the best viewing experience!:
Mario and friends storm anime island in an attempt to rescue Meggy & Desti.

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  • Next week will be the grand finale of the anime arc.

    SMG4SMG4Prije godine
    • Tsia 589 Jk 599 Jin 45262828362727263

      LeJINdary KookiesLeJINdary KookiesPrije 2 mjeseci
    • It d day

      Caleb TiiCaleb TiiPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LOVE YOUR VİDEOS

      abayzzzhd KAOSabayzzzhd KAOSPrije 3 mjeseci
    • Play the most stupid song or do If Mario was in roblox

      Miguel GamerMiguel GamerPrije 3 mjeseci
    • @Оля Комиссарова Lol

      Hyper Shadic The HedgehogHyper Shadic The HedgehogPrije 4 mjeseci
  • errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    joe moefoejoe moefoePrije sat
  • 9:43 BOING!

    idkidkPrije 7 sati
  • Very accurate representation of D-Day

  • Mario:ooooooh boi I will enjoy the war Luigi:shiiiiiiit

    Pinke AbbyPinke AbbyPrije dan
  • :[

    Micheal CorbinMicheal CorbinPrije dan
  • Mario uses: N O S E S T R E T C H It's super effective!

    chungun 87chungun 87Prije dan
  • where girls cried: titanic where boys cried: you were the chosen one scene where legends cried: Desti gets killed

    iPizzaiPizzaPrije dan
  • K

    SuperPoopybear 64SuperPoopybear 64Prije dan
  • 2:48 Mario big brain

    Vincent NguyenVincent NguyenPrije dan
  • ♧♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ abonniren raffi!!!!!!!

    Raffael PanizzonRaffael PanizzonPrije dan
  • I love how low poly Chris and Whatshisface are.

    25 cent Burger25 cent BurgerPrije 2 dana
  • the war is real for the person with difficulty for learn history xd

    gokugamer_xDgokugamer_xDPrije 2 dana
    • But Exept the final

      gokugamer_xDgokugamer_xDPrije 2 dana
  • Francses owns France's Normandy good to know

    HematiteHematitePrije 2 dana
  • When you realize you finally watch this in 2021 and Sephiroth is in smash

    Christopher BerridgeChristopher BerridgePrije 2 dana
    • @Dylan B Meggy's gonna be pissed while Sephiroth is like "woah woah woah! what did i ever do to you?!"

      Christopher BerridgeChristopher BerridgePrije dan
    • Now we just need to wait for sephiroth arc to happen

      Dylan BDylan BPrije dan
  • 0:05 The Jeffy And Friends Show Episode 13:Vitenam War Massacre

    Camp Lazlo And Pokemon Est 2014 Rules FanaticCamp Lazlo And Pokemon Est 2014 Rules FanaticPrije 3 dana
  • Just like D-Day

    HIEW WEI KIAN MoeHIEW WEI KIAN MoePrije 3 dana
  • D day in a nutshell

    Kai's Gaming ChannelKai's Gaming ChannelPrije 3 dana
  • what the ultimate hell!!!! screewwww you Francis

    Jonathan Chappell IIJonathan Chappell IIPrije 3 dana
  • This episode predicted sehoroth in smash

    island hawkinsisland hawkinsPrije 3 dana
  • 10:30 Luigi:desti! Axol! You’re ok! 12:33 desti literally dies

    Definitely not The inkposterDefinitely not The inkposterPrije 3 dana
  • What is the song when he destroyed smg4s laptop

    Wiktor GierasWiktor GierasPrije 4 dana
  • Dets cool

    yali b.yali b.Prije 4 dana
  • Did tari just say my name

    Aneka abun CiputatAneka abun CiputatPrije 5 dana
    • I was wrong

      Aneka abun CiputatAneka abun CiputatPrije 5 dana
  • swag is savage

    Nassief AgarNassief AgarPrije 5 dana
  • Sephiroth killed destiny and now in smash ultimate

    Nehemiah AlemanNehemiah AlemanPrije 5 dana
  • 8:26 Who's that pokemon, Its a dumba**

    Cayden PopeCayden PopePrije 5 dana
  • 1:56

    Toast ToastToast ToastPrije 5 dana
  • 3:21 *W H O S T O U C H I N G T H E C H I L D*

    {Angela. Gacha}{Angela. Gacha}Prije 5 dana
  • D DAY

    Fre SffFre SffPrije 5 dana
  • Mario saying it's not a big deal shows how he is a veteran. Mario did serve in Vietnam and effectively has nothing to fear inure anymore.

    Templar GuyTemplar GuyPrije 6 dana
  • mario: esse é o dia d boys vamos acabar com os nazistas de anime. Luigi: eu não quero morrer. Referência da invasão da normandia no dia d

    Rafael Sonic IvoRafael Sonic IvoPrije 6 dana
  • yes

    keplerjoaquinskiy Hodrodshotterkeplerjoaquinskiy HodrodshotterPrije 6 dana
  • they was fighting for you and you dont even know their names....

  • I don’t wanna know what happens if Mario was in Vietnam

    Василий ОсиповВасилий ОсиповPrije 7 dana
  • Swag and bob are a perfect match

    Martijn BreedMartijn BreedPrije 7 dana
  • Rocket jump waltz

    Mario Meta RunnerMario Meta RunnerPrije 8 dana
  • I've wonder if desti's alive in 2021

    Mario Meta RunnerMario Meta RunnerPrije 8 dana
  • You should have uploaded it 5 days later

    Sweet FaceSweet FacePrije 8 dana
  • Eren in is the back of 3:51

    jurrasic Stamyjurrasic StamyPrije 8 dana
  • 5:51 what is the music name actually

    ExophosismExophosismPrije 8 dana
  • ww2

    spideyboy_radiactivospideyboy_radiactivoPrije 9 dana
  • I watched this arc since The Splatfest Insedent And at the end of the arc I cried but I loved it

    Dusty FoxDusty FoxPrije 9 dana
  • 1:40

    Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
    • 9:43

      Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
    • 8:27

      Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
    • 6:47

      Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
    • 5:48

      Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
    • 3:01

      Mona CruzMona CruzPrije 9 dana
  • Hasgun

    tansag zorigtansag zorigPrije 9 dana
  • " y

    Rica BalubarRica BalubarPrije 10 dana
  • Part 4 of meggy's disappearance.

    FE SIOCOFE SIOCOPrije 10 dana
  • 9:04

    MatifouMatifouPrije 10 dana
  • Sephiroth comes in smash in smg4 video and Meggy it’s going to kick Sephiroth butt. to arrange Desti

    Universe LegendUniverse LegendPrije 10 dana
  • D-DAY in a nutshell

    Combine-17Combine-17Prije 10 dana
  • What have I learnt today? dont trust the g r e e n l i z a r d

    tunafishtunafishPrije 11 dana
  • 12:32 HOW DID I NOT CRY?!

    Super Pickle1Super Pickle1Prije 11 dana
  • Mario world at war

    stitch the foxstitch the foxPrije 11 dana
  • Lol bob made a friend

    Bob PeterBob PeterPrije 11 dana
  • Its a ww2

    ṀᗛƦČƟ3409ṀᗛƦČƟ3409Prije 11 dana
  • 4:58 My Favorite Scene Lol Funy XD

    nyrailfan7776nyrailfan7776Prije 11 dana
  • B O I

    Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros ultimate sandvich!Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros ultimate sandvich!Prije 11 dana
  • Whatcha out boys mamaeeeeea uuwuuwuueu

    Muhamed EshanMuhamed EshanPrije 12 dana
  • SMG4 Was war SMG4😎

    Dd ddphoneDd ddphonePrije 12 dana
  • 1:48 luigi, bob's a useless asshole. hes not worth saving...

    SuperPlaysSuperPlaysPrije 12 dana
  • ANIME ISLAND?!?!?!?!

    gas 134gas 134Prije 12 dana
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    killer nerferkiller nerferPrije 12 dana
  • D-day soldiers remember this

    Hell_NahHell_NahPrije 12 dana
  • This is real ww2 a.s.s/America vs anime/japan

    TψT ριnε XxSwagstrzxXTψT ριnε XxSwagstrzxXPrije 12 dana
  • why is no one talking about her death at the end :(

    Isabella DuranIsabella DuranPrije 12 dana
  • Sr pelo scream of unholy ness

    Shadow9r TauiliiliShadow9r TauiliiliPrije 13 dana
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 que falso

    Deisi VillalvazoDeisi VillalvazoPrije 13 dana
  • Remember when SMG4 videos had captions?

    Mateo ._.Mateo ._.Prije 13 dana
  • what mods did you use for the gign soldiers and making the bullets?

    Serban Adinan AlexandruSerban Adinan AlexandruPrije 13 dana
  • Whats Next Mario in Call of duty World at War or Mario in Cod Modern warfare 2 as a civiliian in No russian

    MemeLord_MemeLord_Prije 13 dana
  • This is just the history documentary about ww3

  • June 1st, 1944..... 2 years after the attack on Toad Harbor caused by the fake Mario clones produced by the Animazis, the SMG4 troops need to stop Anime land to re-get Meggy and Desti before Adolf Miku takes over the Mushroom Kingdom and the world....

    BringThePingasOn! Good Day Sir!BringThePingasOn! Good Day Sir!Prije 13 dana
  • Who the heck

    Jeffroy TendenciaJeffroy TendenciaPrije 13 dana
  • Lol

    Cataleya MasonCataleya MasonPrije 14 dana
  • damn it

    Charito PiaoCharito PiaoPrije 14 dana
  • a bit more blood to the death would make it sadder

    shalodyshalodyPrije 14 dana
  • LITTERALY in war* Mario: So SMG4 how's your Thursday?

    Cameron MillerCameron MillerPrije 14 dana
  • 말이오는 상황파악이 안되는 돌아이군

    seyeon parkseyeon parkPrije 14 dana
    • 한국인?

      gasigogi55gasigogi55Prije 8 dana
  • Why was Joseph joestar here

    BrandoBrandoPrije 14 dana
  • Tytkchklliru

  • "Go kick them asses for me" Me: *turns on aimbot*

    hugomao1304hugomao1304Prije 15 dana
  • 12:35 Nooooooooo... 😭😭😭😭

    Super MarioSuper MarioPrije 15 dana
  • S.korean

    맅민텃뎌tv맅민텃뎌tvPrije 15 dana
  • sephiroth

    M4GNUS ProductionsM4GNUS ProductionsPrije 15 dana
    • Now we need to wait for the mario arc

      Dylan BDylan BPrije dan

    William CreeWilliam CreePrije 15 dana
  • hhahahahahahaah watcyh this with subtitles on

    Tane Wheeler-MunnTane Wheeler-MunnPrije 15 dana
  • Uso sonido de metal slug

    Angel CorreaAngel CorreaPrije 15 dana
  • 3:50 best part of this vid

    SPACEMAN900SPACEMAN900Prije 16 dana
  • whos here like smash and saw the new sephiroth and saw this since 2019 and saw the new dlc for smash in 2020 and rewatch this again for the entire arc plus meggy's movie cause that felt i need to be added with that and notice sephiroth was in this video press f in the chat

    Rodolfo RamosRodolfo RamosPrije 16 dana
  • 9:38 SPOILER! Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Sephiroth almost killed Mario

    DuDeZDuDeZPrije 17 dana
  • i remember watching this when it was new on a great saturday never knew it was a prediction.

    BashedDTBashedDTPrije 17 dana
  • Jajajajajajjajajajajaja ahahahahhahahakajajajajahajajhsfsjecdhdjsgehshahhajajajajajjsjajajahahajhajahajahjahahahahahhah

    Sebastián UzcateguiSebastián UzcateguiPrije 17 dana
  • Otro mexicano?

    guewadas 2.0guewadas 2.0Prije 17 dana
  • Oh that is ww2 d-day nice :D

    Viljo VuorinenViljo VuorinenPrije 17 dana
  • 2:14 mamafu**er!!!!

    Simone 07Simone 07Prije 17 dana
  • Super M🅰️rio 🅱️r🅾️s

    eXQq456 RobloxeXQq456 RobloxPrije 17 dana
  • Saving private Mario SMG4

    Channel WarriorChannel WarriorPrije 17 dana
  • thats d day

    len ursualen ursuaPrije 18 dana
  • people is rubber

    Geunhyeok JangGeunhyeok JangPrije 18 dana
  • Meggy seeing desti die Me if I were in there: ... A few seconds later: YOUR GETTING INFINITE ACROSS YOUR PINGAS FRACIS

    盧嘉藍盧嘉藍Prije 19 dana